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Intellectually, we know it’s key to our healing. But what about when our bodies can’t let go of the hurt?

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Each of us has probably heard some version of these statements throughout our lives:

  • Holding on to the pain and anger caused by someone that harmed you isn’t good for you.
  • Those who choose not to forgive can experience problems with their physical and mental health.
  • When you focus on…

The book and movie point to hidden truths about work, individualism, equality, and an eroding safety net

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In early 2021, despite complaints about low wages and poor work conditions, Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama voted against unionization attempts. Some say the failed attempt to unionize demonstrates the powerful effects of employer intimidation and fear tactics. …

Spending time outdoors is the key to self-discovery, understanding & communion.

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“Only those who are eager to get lost in the wilderness of life’s beauty can find a meaningful life.”― Debasish Mridha

The most memorable time I was lost in the woods was in 1983, the summer of my seventh year. At sleep-away camp for the first time, I somehow ended…

These six steps can bring more power and meaning to your personal care rituals.

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Are you currently doing external things to your body, hoping for an internal change? Yes, it feels great to get a pedicure. So does a massage or acupuncture or reiki. Taking a yoga class is my personal favorite. But I’ve noticed, I can do all the physical self-care I want…

Amanda Warton Jenkins

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