I love this. I love the idea of asking specifically for what we want and need — this has so much to do with all of the current conversation around sex, pleasure and consent. It’s all related! Bravo for helping more people get in touch with their power by getting in touch with their voice.

I also believe we all have the power to create feelings within ourselves, regardless of what our partner does (or doesn’t do). We always have a choice. We can feel gratitude and joy … or we can feel anger and sorrow. They are all just feelings! We always have the power to choose what feelings we cultivate in our lives. One of those feelings is love.

I used to have a LOT of pity parties and panic attacks on holidays like Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Christmas — those days I thought I wasn’t getting what I wanted and needed. The problem was, I was looking outside of myself for love.

Turns out love was inside me, all along. I wrote a story on PSILY about it — (you can read it here.) Let me know what you think. xo

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