Thanks for your article! Just to clarify, on average, women’s brains are smaller because women’s bodies are smaller. Brain size increases with body size, and the ratio of grey to white matter or the cross-sectional area of a nerve tract called the corpus callosum, scale slightly non-linearly with brain size. But these are differences in degree, not kind. They are not seen when we compare small-headed men to large-headed women, and have no relationship to differences in hobbies or take-home pay. The truth is that conclusive findings about sex-linked brain differences have failed to materialize. So if it’s not brain hard-wiring, how do we explain the often stark differences in behaviour and interests between men and women? It’s all about how we are raised, and even for the most progressive families it’s impossible to shake culture. Hormonal differences must play a part, but research shows that both men and women are cyclical, just like animals. We all have circadian rhythms that correspond to light, dark and moon cycles. The research on brains shows they are no more gendered than the liver or kidneys or heart. Aside from non-binary folks, I believe most of us are strapped into the biosocial straitjackets that divert a basically unisex brain down one culturally gendered pathway or another. Love to hear your thoughts on the current research on these topics!

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