Yay Gillian Sisley! I just clapped this up 50x. Thank you for calling this what it is. I’m very wary of people like Hollis & Robbins, just because of the way I grew up (super recruitment-oriented, cult-of-personality-heavy evangelical Christian). BUT I still fell for Robbins! Thank you for your honesty about what you went through. You are doing a major PSA by potentially helping others avoid this trap. I wrote a couple pieces about self-help I think you might enjoy, in this particular one Hollis is the example under 3. “Self-Help is Outcome-Oriented” (that Louis Vuitton bag was the last straw for me): https://psiloveyou.xyz/seven-ways-the-current-self-help-culture-is-screwing-us-over-42aaad1a11e0 I also wrote about MLM in my piece “Friends for Sale”: https://medium.com/@awarton/friends-for-sale-how-to-vet-your-next-opportunity-of-a-lifetime-359cd1ee66e

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